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enprepared food for -- he even prepared food for one of the presidents, president clinton he told me. but today he's doing a favorite of mine, a beat salad -- a beet salad. >> we go to the farmers markets every sunday. we're formally the jockey club. we walk to the dupont circle farmers market. we're on 2100 massachusetts avenue. we buy different fall vegetables, root vegetables. local goat cheese from cherry glen farm in boyds, maryland. >> i love when local restaurants support our farmer. they need our support. it's so fresh and so tasty. you're doing something with that cheese. >> this is the goat cheese from cherry glen farm in boyds, maryland. we just season flour, egg wash, panko bread crumbs you can buy at any grocery store. once it's breaded i fry it in can knoll la oil-- >> can knoll la -- canola oil. >> we roast the beets in the oven. aluminum foil. >> you put them in whole? >> it concentrates all the flavor. it all stays in there. once it's warm enough, you take a towel. you wipe off all the skins. then we just slice them and make homemade dressings. all of our desserts ar
and the beltway. not far from andrews. scattered from upper parm borrow and clinton -- marlboro and clinton avenue. right down 301 to dal again. light showers -- dal again. light -- dahlgren. light showers here and there. a few more showers of the 'll gn better laters morning into the aftern you'll need a jacket or 46 ibowie morning. it's 46 at fort belvoir. and even out to the west we've got mid-40s sterling, haymarket also 46 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather camera, wet streets. that's going to be the key for many of us this morning with 48 degrees. a little windchill of 45 thanks to the north wind at 7 miles an hour. and a lot of the moisture is really off shore. you see it there from cape cod back down to florida. a little moisture. up here in the midwest another storm system coming ie cross southern canada with -- coming across southern canada with another shot of cool air. this one mainly rain. with a touch of snow in eastern wyoming. this will drive a front through us tomorrow afternoon. we'll have a brief warm-up tomorrow closer to the 07- degree mark -- to the 70-degree park.
no longer supports it. >> we put it together with the former clinton budget director. >> who disavows it. >> this idea came from the clinton commission to save medicare chaired by senator john breaux. >> which was rejected. >> if we don't fix this problem soon current seniors get cut. 10,000 people are retiring every day in america and they will for 20 years. >> martha, if we just did one thing-- if they just allow medicare to bargain for the cost of drugs like medicaid can, that would save $156 billion right off the bat. >> and it would deny seerpz choices. >> seniors are not denied-- >> absolutely. >> they are not denied. look, folks, all you seniors out there, have you been denied choices? have you lost medicare advantage. >> because it's working well now. >> vice president biden, if it could help solve the problem, why not very slowly raise the medicare eligibility age by two years as congressman ryan suggests? >> i was there when we did that with social security in 1983. i was one of eight people sitting in the room that included tip o'neill negotiating with president reagan. we all
clinton did not dispute mr. biden's contention that initial intelligence about the attack led to the administration's early inaccuracies. >> there is much we still don't know and i am the first to say that. but as someone who has been at the center of this tragedy from the beginning i do know this: there is nobody in the administration motivated by anything other than trying to understand what happened. >> reporter: white house officials pointed out today as vice president did last night that it was republicans led by congressman ryan who voted to slash diplomatic security funding. scott? >> pelley: nancy, thank you. we are learning more tonight about the most costly enemy attack ever in afghanistan. it was about a month ago that two u.s. marines were killed and six marine attack jets were destroyed in a raid on camp bastion. the jets cost between $20 and $30 million each. the base is one of the most heavily defended in the war so we asked kelly cobiella to tell us about the attack through the words of the marines who were there. >> reporter: the attack seemed to come from out
till president clinton declassified the operation in 1997. argo opens in theaters tomorrow. i think it was sunday morning, one of the men rescued, he called the c.i.a. they said he was traveling out of the country. he said no, he's back home. and he was back home. >> a lot of buzz
clinton said, to republicans who fought jobs plans. >> you've got to feel some sympathy with them because they worked so hard to keep unemployment above 8% and they got above two months of getting the job done. it almost makes you want to cry for the disappointment that they face. it really broke their hearts to see unemployment drop. i want a president and a congress that loves it when unemployment drops. >> reporter: well, for nearly the last week now, the campaign has been dominated by reactions to the presidential debate, but the focus changes within hours as paul ryan and joe biden prepare for their vice- presidential debate on thursday. that will be on the news cycle maybe until a week from tonight when the next presidential debate takes place and the narrative changes once again. only a month to go. >> and perhaps one way to describe the race is not red hot but perhaps bright yellow. we are talking about the controversial comments made about big bird and sesame street. after mitt romney pledged to cut funding for public broadcasting, the obama campaign used that to fire back. ken m
of their israeli neighbors. president clinton's secretary of state, madeleine albright, told reporters on an obama campaign conference call that romney's speech was full of platitudes but no policies. >> there's an awful lot of rhetoric and things, but when you get to the specifics, you kind of don't get the sense that he knows exactly what tools to use and how to operate within an international setting and what the role of the united states is in the 21st century. >> reporter: the obama campaign's reaction to this speech is part of a larger strategy to portray romney as opportunistic and dishonest. it all started right after that debate performance, scott. the old obama campaign might have made little mention of this speech. >> pelley: nancy, thanks. relief may be near for californians paying record high gas prices. there were record low temperatures in some parts of the nation. and it's the beginning of a new chapter in space when the "cbs evening news" continues.in a r j.d. power and associates has ranked quicken loans "highest in customer satisfaction in the nation." call or go to quickenloans
from congress and the family members of those who died. those questions hang over hillary clinton's final months as secretary of state. top state department officials were on the defensive wednesday, the brutal assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi became fodder for a verbal fire fight on capitol hill. >> i'm going to tell you this thing smells. >> reporter: members of the house top investigative body accused the agency of denying necessary protection for diplomats. even the department's former security chief in libya, eric nordstrom claimed washington rejected requests for help. >> it was abundantly clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident. >> reporter: diplomatic security charlene lamb countered that assertion. >> sir, we had the correct number of assets in benghazi at the time of 9/11. for what had been agreed upon. >> to start off by saying you had the correct number and our ambassador and three other individuals are dead and people are in the hospital recovering because it only took moments to breach that facility, somehow doesn't seem t
by president clinton and george clooney bought it and wrote a screen play and it took a long time. one of the things that i love about it is that it's a genuine american success story. we have had a lot of things that haven't gone our way. and i think folks feel that and they feel a little bit of that disappointment, and this is something that was involving american ingenuity, cooperation with the canadian government, so you had that international level. but we got this thing right and it feels enormously good to me. and it's a tribute to our state department diplomats who are serving overseas in great danger, as we've seen, and our clandestine folks who have no credit, no recognition. i got to meet a lot of folks like that from the state department. and i was really moved. it's a pretty extraordinary form of service. >> what you have also is really interesting casting with alan arkin and john goodman. give us the sense of what this story is about for people who might not have read "argo." >> there's part of it that is really, really funny. i know that sounds weird, but when they go to
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)

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